King NT

Patented horizontal trailed mixer with 4 augers - from 5 to 30 m³

NT (without tiller)
5 - 30 m³ / 176 - 1059 ft³
FREE FLOW MIX®: four horizontal augers, two chopping-mixing augers and two upper truncated mixing augers
Left-hand side discharge door with discharge chute

KING NT is a new generation machine, designed to meet the direct requirements of farmers, ensuring great speed and precision of work and limited power absorption.

The KING NT horizontal trailed mixer is a machine with four augers with opposing flows.

The KING NT is a reliable, multi-purpose machine that combines the advantages of a horizontal machine with those of a vertical one.

The perfect synergy between the lower mixing augers and the upper mixing augers ensures a double dynamic horizontal and vertical flow of materials, reducing mixing times and eliminating stoppage points. The effect is a simultaneous axial and orthogonal shuffling of the ration.

The FREE FLOW MIX is a combination of several factors:

  • The two specially designed lower chopping-mixing augers gently convey the ingredients to be mixed along the front-centre part of the tank, where the flows converge and are pushed upwards;
  • The ration then falls back through the two special upper mixing augers to the front and rear ends of the tank for a new mixing cycle.

It is the product itself that moves and mixes thanks to the constant free flow created.

The resulting ration is of the highest nutritional value as it incorporates all the technical features to achieve maximum breeding results. In this way, power consumption is reduced to a minimum and operating costs and fuel savings are reduced, resulting in a lower cost of ration production.


One of its qualities… is that it has many strong points:

  • Extraordinary mixing homogeneity of all products even with partial loads and additions.
  • Perfect chopping on whole cylindrical bales of forage, straw and wrapped bales of wet products and on any other type of ingredient needed for ration preparation.
  • Fast forage chopping.
  • Direct loading of round and prismatic bales possible.
  • Less power required from the tractor.
  • Very low power and fuel consumption: 40% less than conventional systems.
  • Reduced chopping-mixing time: 50% less than conventional systems.
  • High versatility and reliability.
  • Smooth, constant and complete discharge.
  • Compact machine suitable for passage through small spaces.

The machine can also be made in a stationary version powered by an electric or diesel engine and it can be equipped with a rear loader to facilitate loading operations.

Mixing tank

The perfect synergy between the lower chopping-mixing augers and the upper mixing augers ensures a double dynamic horizontal and vertical flow of materials, reducing mixing times and eliminating stoppage points.

The profitability of the mixer is ensured thanks to the total utilisation of the body volume. The free flow of ingredients allows the full utilisation of the tank capacity and also the possibility to work with small volumes of material to be processed.


Robust and reliable transmission with high-torque planetary gearbox and high-strength chains with permanent oil-bath lubrication.

There is a sealed lubrication oil tank and optional auger reverser.


Robust chassis designed to ensure the reliability of the wagon even in the toughest working conditions – 3 weighing cells.


  • 1 left-hand side discharge door.
  • Right-hand side discharge door or 2 discharge doors (optional).
  • Width 750 mm (5-7-9-11-13-15-17 m³) with discharge chutes.
  • Width 950 mm (20-22-24-30 m³) with discharge chutes.
  • Fixed or movable discharge conveyors (optional).

Various configurations are available to meet all market requirements.

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