Exel 12000

Straw blower with two 12m³ rollers

Throwing distance
from 10 to 15 m

EXEL 12000 is a multi-purpose, high-performance machine for chopping and distributing dry products for bedding, kennels or troughs.

The EXEL 12000 straw chopper is a multifunctional machine capable of handling a wide variety of materials that can be used for different business needs.

It can be used for bedding or feeding in the trough.

Distribution in bedding by chopping allows for better absorption and a better uniformity of distribution on the bunks.
A frequently renewed bed improves animal welfare by keeping the environment healthier and there is a considerable saving in operator time as mechanisation eliminates the manual distribution of material and a consequent reduction in the consumption of bales used.

For feeding livestock, the EXEL line can be used for:

  • pre-treating forage bales to obtain pre-mixes to reduce mixing time or to obtain a more thoroughly mixed TMR.
  • distribute the treated forage bale directly into the feed lane.

The technological innovation of the EXEL line is the combination of the pre-chamber consisting of 2 offset rollers at 2 differentiated speeds (200 rpm and 400 rpm) and the launching turbine, which enables the materials to be processed in a regular manner, allowing the material to be extracted from the bale without excessive cutting. These high speeds reduce the risk of winding products into long threads and offer uniform material length and consistency.

The specially shaped knives are bolted to the rotor flanges. Special combs join the flanges, strengthening the whole structure.

The poultry version, thanks to a high number of blades and a modified turbine, allows a short and constant cut (optional).

Simple operation and convenient in-cab controls make EXEL easy to use. The large width of the blower part combined with the mechanical chain drive system offers increased longevity and reduced maintenance.

The characteristics of EXEL straw blowers:

  • Labour savings
  • Efficiency
  • Less use of materials due to better and more uniform distribution
  • Operator comfort and safety
  • Tractor-mounted controls provide easy operation and adjustments directly from the cab.

The machine can also be made in a stationary version powered by an electric or diesel engine.


The transmission is mechanical and there is a gearbox with fan speed change.


The conveyor belt is hydraulically driven by a chain with special bars that push the product to the rotors.
Possibility of varying and/or reversing the direction of the conveyor rotation.

The conveyor bars are bolted to the chain and are therefore easy to replace.

The special design of the conveyor avoids product residue at the bottom of the chamber, eliminating possible corrosion, and the tailgate has a large loading capacity.


There are 2 large-diameter milling drums with differentiated rotation speeds.

The large fan has eight blades to throw the material evenly and smoothly.


Discharge is lateral as standard, swivelling to 300° on request.

Throwing distance from 10 to 15 m depending on the product.

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