Trailed mixer with mixing reel - 18 m³

Without silage cutter
18 m³ / 636 ft³
Mixing reel
Side discharge door with discharge chute

Equipped with mixing reel technology, the Whale trailed mixer is distinguished by a high level of mixing.

The WHALE mixer wagon is a machine with low speed rotor that allows unequalled respect for each ingredient in the ration. Thanks to the gentle and continuous rotating action, a soft and homogeneous mixture is obtained.

The WHALE wagon is suitable for the preparation of rich feed rations and integrated compounds.

Also available in a stationary version with electric motor.

Mixing tank

The six robust mixing arms produce a thorough rotating action, while the rubber cleaners ensure that the mixing tank is completely clean.

The large heavy duty reel keeps the entire ration moving, generating a gentle rotating action while the two mixing augers provide perfect end-to-end mixing, maintaining the fibre structure in the diet.


Maintenance of the mixer is easy, thanks to its permanent lubrication in an oil bath.


Fast and uniform discharge, thanks to the combination of the 56 cm diameter discharge auger and the 91 cm wide door. All this translates into lower fuel consumption!

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