Vertical single-auger trailed mixer - 8 to 17 m³

Cubic volumes
8 - 17 m³ / 282 - 600 ft³
TORNADO Vertical mixing
L: Side discharge door with chute, K: Front or rear discharge door

Equipped with a single auger vertical mixing system and intended for medium and large companies, the AVM 1.H is extremely versatile, functional and reliable, ensuring the highest productivity with low maintenance.

The vertical trailed mixer of the AVM 1.H series (single-auger) has been designed for continuous and heavy duty work cycles to meet the needs of medium and large farms with heavy or silage-rich rations.

These machines are able to cut and mix any fibrous product with extreme care and speed ensuring a physiologically suitable feed ration for ruminating cattle in short mixing times.

The exclusive “TORNADO” auger, equipped with specially profiled knives and driven by robust gearboxes, ensures the cutting of whole bales, forage, wrappings and any other product thanks to its high speed of rotation and the action of large-sized contrasts.

The round shape of the body enables mixing with less power requirement and high homogeneity.

By choosing different combinations of body height and tyre size, it is possible to adapt the machine to the heights in the barn or to the maximum loading height.

The AVM 1.H series is built with a sturdy independent chassis with high torsion resistance that can handle heavy quantities of product, and 4 loading cells for precise weighing in all conditions ensuring high operational reliability.

The mixture is discharged through large hatches. The width of the unloading hatches is related to the shape of the auger and the tank in order to speed up and homogenise the unloading of silage-based or even fibre-rich rations.

In order to meet the different requirements of the user and to be able to adapt the mixer to distribute the ration in the different types of troughs, several options are available:

  • Front bilateral discharge conveyor with stainless steel or PVC chain discharge belt
  • Rear bilateral discharge conveyor with stainless steel or PVC chain discharge belt designed to facilitate all farmers who have to discharge the mixed product from the bottom of the barn
  • Side shift of the discharge conveyor 250 mm left/right (A)
  • Sliding side discharge conveyor with stainless steel or PVC chain discharge belt
  • Discharge extension with stainless steel or PVC discharge belt in various sizes
  • Hydraulically sloped discharge conveyor, available in different lengths for any type of trough.


The features of the AVM 1.H model:

  • Soft and homogeneous mixing
  • Various versions to meet the various market requirements
  • Direct loading of round and prismatic bales possible
  • Compact machine suitable for passage through tight spaces
  • Total safety for the operator.

Different cubic volumes, configurations are available to meet all market requirements.

Also available in a stationary version with electric or diesel engine.

Mixing tank

  • Round mixing tank
  • Special TORNADO auger with continuous spiral
  • Special toothed knives
  • Thick tank walls and bottom
  • Stainless steel lining (optional)


  • Self-supporting gearbox in oil bath
  • Auger directly connected to the oversized gearbox in oil bath
  • Mechanical two-speed gearbox to allow different mixing speeds depending on the type of foodstuff
  • Two-speed hydraulic gearbox (optional).


  • Independent rigid chassis designed to ensure the reliability of the wagon even in the toughest working conditions – 4 weighing cells.
  • Steering axle (optional).
  • Tandem axle with steering wheels to facilitate movement in tight spaces (optional).


Various solutions for discharging the product into the trough are perfectly adapted to the requirements of each livestock facility in order to achieve perfect product distribution.

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