Krause AFH / TAF 3000

Trailed turner - 900 m³/h

Maximum pile height
≅ 900 m³/h
Maximum pile width
1.700 mm
Larghezza del cumolo massima
3.000 mm
Diesel engine power
90 - 100 HP

The trailed turner of the AFH and TAF series is a machine designed for medium and large composting plants.

The trailed turners of the KRAUSE AFH and TAF series are mounted on a single-axle chassis, where the tunnel is raised hydraulically into transport position.

The TAF series has a hydraulically driven axle, which provides traction for the turner and tractor at the required speed.

This unique ZAGO design option does not require an ultra-slow transmission on the tractor.

The TAF series allows even older tractors to be used.

Shorter curing times thanks to continuous chopping and oxygenation of the material, enabling higher productivity of your plant.

You can choose between different diameters of the turning auger for different materials to be processed.

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