Krause V 8.30

Self-propelled turner - 1.600 m³/h

Turning capacity
≅ 1.600 m³/h
Maximum pile height
1.800 mm
Maximum pile width
4.600 mm
Diesel engine power
73 kW / 100 HP

KRAUSE 8.30 self-propelled horizontal axis turner is designed for medium-sized composting plants

The 8.30 self-propelled turner is a professional working tool for handling heaps and organic matter for the composting process, and for stabilising manure.

Thanks to its special conformation, it allows easy and quick chopping of long fibres and breaking up of clumps or blocks of material for perfect mixing and rapid oxygenation of the whole mass, a fundamental condition to obtain quality compost.

Like all models in ZAGO’s KRAUSE series, the machine is equipped with a standard Tier 5 engine, but can also be supplied with a standard Tier 3 engine if required.

You can choose between different diesel engine powers for different materials to be processed.

The line of KRAUSE – V self-propelled turners is characterised by its wide standard equipment and optional customised solutions.


KRAUSE 8.30 is characterised by a chassis with tyres, which is maintenance-free and provides good traction, even on unpaved surfaces.

Optionally available with rubber tracks.

The rear-wheel drive and front steering system allow 360° rotation on the machine’s axis, optimising the surface area required in the plant.

Wear-resistant rotor

The rotating rotor made of Hardox wear-resistant material is driven by V-belts, ensuring less loss of efficiency for the same performance.

Mechanical transmission

ZAGO’s unique mechanical drive translates into advantages that directly benefit the customer:

  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced emissions
  • Less hydraulic oil
  • Lower maintenance costs

The turner rotor is height-adjustable.


The machine requires little maintenance and therefore downtime is kept to a minimum.

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