Exel 2000

2.5m³ central disc straw blower

Throwing distance
10 to 15 m

EXEL 2000 is a machine for chopping and distributing dry products for bedding, kennels or troughs.

The EXEL 2000 straw blower is an equipment for processing dry fibrous products (straw, maize stalks, hay, etc.) packed either in round or prismatic bales to be distributed on bedding, in bunks or in troughs.

This model is intended for straw distribution in installations where uniformity of chopping is important.

EXEL 2000 is equipped with a large central disc fitted with knives, which at the same time acts as a product launch fan.

By adjusting the speed of the fan (available in two speeds) and adjusting the feed speed of the loading conveyor, the cutting length can be determined, approximately 7 to 13 cm (depending on the type of product).

By adjusting the rotor speed and the hydraulic discharge flap, the product throw is also adjustable (from approximately 1 to 15 m).


  • Maximum use of chopped product.
  • Very low operating costs.
  • Fast and reliable unloading.
  • Homogeneous distribution.
  • Economical.

The machine can also be made in a stationary version powered by an electric or diesel engine.

Chopping and transmission

A fan with bolt-on blades and a gearbox with fan speed change are present


The conveyor belt is hydraulically driven by a chain with special bars that push the product to the fan and the rear tailgate has a large loading capacity.


Discharge is lateral as standard, swivelling to 300° on request.

Throwing distance from 10 to 15 m depending on the product.

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