Ecogreen Screener 1200

Trailed section screen - 15 to 30 m³/h

15 - 30 m³/h
Screening cylinder diameter
1.250 mm
Total length of screening cylinder
3.000 mm
Hopper size
2300 x 1200 x 600 mm

The ECOGREEN 1200 screening machine is a professional tool with an excellent productivity ratio that meets a wide range of requirements.

Combining a large loading hopper, an adjustable and easily interchangeable speed drum and a small motor, the ECOGREEN SCREENER 1200 screening machines represent the perfect compromise between functionality, compactness and ease of use for small to medium users.

The machine can also be made in a stationary version powered by an electric or diesel engine.

In the ECOGREEN 1200 screener, the oversize material is conveyed to the ground at the end of its way through the cylinder by the auger inside, while two belts transport the fine material, accumulating it at the side of the machine.

The large hopper is equipped with a slat conveyor or, for special requirements, a rubber belt.

An adjustable brush is mounted longitudinally to the cylinder to keep the screening surface clean.

The drive is located at the front of the machine, together with all the hydraulic transmission components.

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