King Lion Avant

Horizontal self-propelled 4 augers mixer - 13 to 30 m³

With tiller
13 - 30 m³ / 459 - 1059 ft³
FREE FLOW MIX®: four horizontal augers mixer, two chopping-mixing augers and two upper truncated mixing augers
Left-hand side discharge door with stainless steel discharge conveyor

The best performances for healthy cattle feeding

The horizontal self-propelled feed-mixer is a robust and reliable working tool that is essential for dairy cattle farms or fattening cattle that need efficient and high-precision feeding methods.

The KING LION AVANT self-propelled mixers have been designed taking into consideration all the nutritional requirements of a modern livestock farm: compliance with fibre levels, homogenous mixtures, ration quality and optimisation of production processes.

KING LION AVANT with patented Free Flow Mix technology is a new generation machine, designed to meet the direct demands of farmers, with a perfect combination of compactness, manoeuvrability and performance.

The patented FREE FLOX MIX system homogenously mixes the product, reducing its length and volume, in order to promote digestibility.



It is a compact, agile, practical and extremely manoeuvrable self-propelled machine, thanks also to its small turning radius, which makes it easy to manoeuvre even in the narrowest of passages.

Low consumption

Low fuel consumption and minimal maintenance costs are ensured by the exclusive ZAGO Mech Drive mechanical transmission.


Different cubic volumes, configurations and engines are available to meet all market requirements.

Technical specifications

Skyline CAB

The Sky Cab control cabs have been designed to create the ideal environment for operator comfort and efficiency.

– Indoor air conditioning and pressurisation
– Openable upper protective grill, with windscreen
– Headlights with LED technology
– Excellent sound insulation
– Control of hydraulic functions by the multifunctional armrest

Uniform power transmission for productivity growth
– Regularity of chopping
– Constant performance of the mixer
– Lower power requirement
– Reduced consumption
– Maximum transmission life

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