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Agricultural machinery for livestock feeding and composting

Pre-sales consultancy on customizations

Transport, testing and installation on site if required

Technical assistance, training on use, spare parts

Activation of the machine warranty extension for 5 years

Wide availability of spare parts in stock and fast refueling of products in 5 working days.

Solutions for animal nutrition

High performance machines
for healthy eating
livestock on farms

The UNIFEED DIVISION assists breeders with modern UNIFEED/T.M.R. techniques and in choosing the best equipment to increase a stable efficiency in terms of productivity of milk and meat quality while still guaranteeing livestock well-being.

ZAGO offers a wide range of horizontal, vertical, trailed, stationary and self-propelled T.M.R. Feed shredder-mixers, suitable for any type of farm: dairy and beef cattle, buffalo also sheep farms.

Solutions for composting waste

Machines and plants for a
effective reuse of waste
organic and / or industrial in the cycle

Environmental protection has taken on an increasingly more significant role in recent years. In order to promote sustainable development intended to combine environmental protection with social and economic strategies, the GREEN DIVISION designs and manufactures technological solutions to ecologically recycle organic and/or industrial waste using various transformation processes.

ZAGO has a wide range of customisable solutions designed for: Public parks and garden maintenance contractors, Municipalities, Compost facilities, Plant nurseries, Farms, Land reclamation agencies, Biogas facilities, waste collection and recycling centres.

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