Research & Development are ZAGO’s daily bread. All of our machinery for farming and ecology are designed, engineered and built in Italy, thereby guaranteeing Made in Italy quality.

Our company assigns the design of new machinery to the in-house team composed of engineers and professionals in the sector, who work in close collaboration with the end customers so as to guarantee a finished product that complies with the requests, as well as create ties with the University and Research Centres to ensure that we are always up to date on the most advanced scientific themes.

We have invested in research and development from the very first day of business. Uniting everything with the hands-on experience of our collaborators and customers. This has allowed us to remain constantly abreast of the times, responding quickly to the requests of the ever-evolving international markets.

Thanks to the modern technologies of design, calculation and prototyping used by our Research & Development team, we are able to offer our customers high performing, precise, safe and low-environmentally impacting machines and machinery.

The production of our farming machinery is developed entirely in Italy, using only the best raw materials on the market.

Our collaborators, highly specialized in our sectors of competence, ensure the quality of our products thanks to strict controls in every stage of production and strict testing on finished machinery.

The results of these two elements are machines and machinery of undisputable quality and reliability, with high performances and low environmental impact.

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