Three-auger vertical trailed mixer- 30 to 44 m³

Cubic volumes
30 - 44 m³
TORNADO Vertical mixing
L: Side discharge door with chute, K: Front or rear discharge door

Equipped with a vertical mixing system with three augers and intended for large companies, the AVM 3.WH is extremely versatile, functional and reliable, ensuring the highest productivity with low maintenance.

The vertical trailed mixer of the AVM 3.WH series (three-auger) is the ideal equipment for large companies that need to process and distribute large quantities of TMR when time saving and accuracy are the crucial point.

These machines are able to cut and mix any fibrous product with extreme care and speed ensuring a physiologically suitable feed ration for ruminating cattle in short mixing times.

The special transmission allows the chopping-mixing operation to start smoothly and progressively thanks to the special power distribution system applied to the three augers, without jerking the drive unit.

The 3 vertical augers and the geometry of the mixing body allow fast and homogeneous mixing, which saves even more time and fuel.

The round shape of the body enables mixing with less power requirement and high homogeneity.

Two-axle or tri-axle, fixed or steered, distribute the weight perfectly and meet the special requirements of transport capacity and manoeuvrability.

The various solutions for unloading the product into the trough are perfectly adapted to the needs of each livestock farm.

Mixing tank

  • Round mixing tank
  • Special TORNADO auger with continuous spiral
  • Special toothed knives
  • Upper containment cone
  • Very thick tank walls and bottom
  • Stainless steel lining (optional)


  • Oversized gearboxes for particularly heavy-duty applications
  • Auger directly connected to the oversized gearbox in oil bath
  • Hydraulic two-speed gearbox to allow different mixing speeds depending on the type of food


  • Independent rigid chassis designed to ensure the reliability of the wagon even in the toughest working conditions – 6 weighing cells.
  • Standard leaf spring suspension Tridem with self-steering first and third axles and reverse gear locking for easy movement in tight spaces


Various solutions for discharging the product into the trough are perfectly adapted to the requirements of each livestock facility in order to achieve perfect product distribution.

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