“FREE FLOW MIX MIXING SYSTEM” – innovative technology

At the end of the nineties, to meet modern nutritional science needs, ZAGO introduced an innovative and patented mixing system that combined simplicity, speed and ration homogeneity.

The FREE FLOW MIX system, characterised by the exclusive 2+2 auger action, ensure continuous ingredient movement inside the tank, reducing mixing time and completely eliminating product stagnation points.

The perfect synergy between the upper and lower augers ensures maximum mix quality.

The FREE FLOW MIX® mixing system ensures:

  • Perfect shredding without fraying
  • Net and precise cutting with lengths according to each breeder’s needs
  • Size uniformity
  • Homogeneous and accurate mix with any product
  • Product processing without compression

The FREE FLOW MIX® system is the forerunner in modern mixing techniques.

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