Horizontal self-propelled - two or four augers - 5 to 17 m³

without tiller
5 - 17 m³ / 176 - 1059 ft³
FREE FLOW MIX®: four horizontal augers, two chopping-mixing augers and two upper truncated mixing augers
Left-hand side discharge door with discharge chute

HAWK is an answer to farms with space problems that have specific needs for passage to distribute the ration.

With the DUO MIX or FREE FLOW MIX horizontal mixing system, the HAWK horizontal trailed mixer is a horizontal mixing machine with two or four augers which, thanks to its particularly compact dimensions and reduced turning radius, can operate with great agility even on farms with limited manoeuvring space and narrow passages.

Ideal for mountain regions and beyond, HAWK combines the efficiency of horizontal mixing with exceptionally compact dimensions, with the aim of ensuring a fast and homogeneous mix with excellent forage value, ensuring the best results in terms of production and animal health and a rapid return on investment.

HAWK is produced in the version:

  • Trailed
  • Trailed with electric motor
  • Hybrid equipped with both an electric motor and a cardan shaft so that it can also be used with the tractor
  • Stationary with electric motor
  • Self-propelled with electric motor
  • Self-propelled with diesel engine

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