Eko-Sabre Stationary

Patented horizontal trailed with 2 augers - from 5 to 33 m³

Cubic volumes
5 - 33 m³ / 176 - 1165 ft³
DUO MIX®: two central chopping augers with opposed action
Two central discharge doors with discharge chutes

The EKO-SABRE trailed bio-chopper-mixer is a machine with two counter-rotating augers with counter-rotating action

The stationary EKO-SABRE bio-chopper-mixer with diesel engine featuring the proven patented “Duo  Mix” technology, enhanced with robust low-speed rotors, is suitable for processing 3-6 cm diameter branches, green and organic residues and various composting products.

The two opposing spiral bottom augers impose a double rotary flow (Duo Mix) of materials from the front and rear towards the centre of the mixing tank.

The fixed horizontal stationary models maintain the same excellent features common to the trailed series (the design of the augers and the mixing tank) for a high quality of the mix with the possibility of choosing different sizes of the discharge conveyor and the availability of mounting different electric motors or diesel engines to meet different needs in terms of performance and consumption.

Diesel Engine

Machines equipped with a diesel engine have the same robustness, reliability and flexibility as the ECOGREEN COMPOSTER, EKO-KING and EKO-SABRE series.

The transmission can be mechanical or hydrostatic with automatic reverse of the chopping rotors, thus guaranteeing maximum safety and protection for the working parts in the event of accidental introduction of foreign bodies.

Equipped with the latest generation of powerful, low-noise, environmentally friendly engines, they deliver high performance with unrivalled fuel economy.

Volume reduction

The trailed version is designed for those who need to reduce the volume of branches and green waste at small and medium-sized sites (private or public gardens and parks).

Road traffic approval may also be provided for this function.


These machines can be customised with a wide range of options including discharge conveyors up to 5 m long, rear loader, crane with fork for independent loading of products, double axle, weighing system, diesel engine.

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