Ecogreen Screener 1800

Trailed section screen - 25 to 50 m³/h

25 - 50 m³/h
Screening cylinder diameter
1.800 mm
Total length of screening cylinder
3.500 mm
Hopper size
3000 x 1400 x 600 mm

The ECOGREEN 1800 screening machine is a professional tool with an excellent productivity ratio that meets a wide range of requirements.

The ECOGREEN SCREENER 1800 screening machines are carefully designed and built to be robust and reliable. They are suitable for sorting green and municipal waste, wood, plastic, glass and for final screening of compost.

The ECOGREEN SCREENER 1800 series is used in waste treatment areas and composting plants, both in the pre-processing and final refining stages.

The machine can also be made in a stationary version powered by an electric or diesel engine.

1- Pre-treatment that removes undesirable and non-degradable bodies from biomass prior to biological treatment

2 – Final treatments, the specific aim of which is to standardise the grain size and remove any undesirable bodies that may have escaped pre-treatment, before placing the product at its final destination


The ECOGREEN SCREENER makes it possible to reduce the amount of materials (plastics, glass, paper, etc.) in the “wet” from recycling from 5-10% to 2-3% or less. This prevents excessive wear and tear on the machinery and guarantees the product’s purity during final refining.

Diversified screening

The screening of the product can be diversified according to the customer’s needs into different grain sizes thanks to the convenient interchangeability of the drum (available in 8/10 mm, 20/25 mm and up to 40/45 mm mesh and customisable).


Ease of use and maintenance and automatic drum cleaning thanks to the hydraulic brush are other factors that make it an excellent investment.

Equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technology, these machines are extremely easy and reliable to use and maintain.

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